Ultimate E-mail Marketing Strategies to Keep Money Flowing for Freelancers

Ultimate-EIf you think e-mail communication has become a passe, then you are indeed mistaken. E-mail technology has now evolved lot more than just being a communication tool for sending messages, files, greetings etc. E-mail is still one of the finest marketing tools, especially for freelancers. In fact e-mail marketing can be a best source of income, if used effectively. As most of the freelancers work from home or are sole business holders, it becomes difficult for them to target wider audience. They often face dry spells and are not able to make enough money or profits. Continue reading

How Freelance Writers Can Add Essence to Their Writing?

How-Freelance-Writers-Can-Add-Essence-to-Their-WritingWriting is a creative work, only till the time when the words and imagination flow from your mind but as soon as, you are asked to write according to others thoughts and idea, it turns out to be a mechanical job. Expository writing, writing for any project, writing as per the deadline can be some of the hurdles for this creative profession. If writing is your passion then there is no restriction for expressing your thoughts or worrying about any deadline but if writing is your passion plus profession then there would be few restrictions. Continue reading

How to Hammer Out Deal with the Price-Obsessed Prospects?

How-to-Hammer-Out-Deal-with-the-Price-Obsessed-ProspectsYour prospects come to you with enthusiasm in search of a specific product, you gladly welcome them illustrate about the product, give a brief about its features, its exceptional qualities. Everything was running fine, your potential customer liked the product, he was even satisfied with it but suddenly when you revealed the price, the customer’s face turned blue. He gave an expression as if you were offering the product at Ferrari’s price. Looking at his face, even you get cold feet thinking that you may lose your client and with that fear, you prepare your mind to lower the price. Continue reading

Why Participation of All Your Staff is Essential for Selling Process?

Why-Participation-of-All-Your-Staff-is-Essential-for-Selling-ProcessFundamentally, marketing is about telling stories and spreading ideas about your business and like every other company even you must be thinking that it is the sole responsibility of your marketing team to sell your product and services. Well if you really feel that your marketing or sales team should only be involved in promoting your business then you might be just limiting the scope of your company. In your business story, each and every employee has a role to play; hence all are part of your company’s product development process. Continue reading

Content Marketing Strategy – Let the Words Speak for Your Business

Content-Marketing-StrategyAs a child, we all loved to read Comics, Fairy tales or any kind of interesting story book. As we grew up, we indulged in novels and magazines. We enjoy reading these books because each of it have some fascinating stories to tell, well content marketing is also all about telling compelling stories to the clients and build their interest in company’s services or products. Though many other online marketing strategies pioneered in the business world, content still continues to be one of the favorites of Google rankings. Continue reading

Explore the Outside World and Build Connections – Tips for Freelancers

Explore-the-Outside-World-and-Build-Connections-Tips-for-FreelancersA person working all alone at home, day and night, sometimes by even skipping meals or sleep, isolated from the outside world, this is a typical picture of freelancer. Usually freelancers are under so much work-pressure that they almost forget to interact with people. They fail to understand that interaction or building connection with people is a healthy habit for their business. It not only helps the freelancers to increase their contacts but also helps to free their minds and relax which is much needed for boosting their energy level. Continue reading

Kill the Stress of Deadlines

Kill-the-Stress-of-DeadlinesSometimes even the hardest task is completed within a proper timeframe while sometimes the easiest task also fails to meet the deadline. This is mostly because of the fear of deadline which often hinders your work. In business you cannot expect to accomplish your goals on your own terms, every task has a time-limit and it has to be completed within that period. Deadlines are appalling but you should learn to deal with this thing. If you fail to meet deadline, then you fail in project as well as you may lose clients which can be a terrible loss for your business. Continue reading

Marketing Weapons for the One Man Army (Freelancers)

‘One man army’, yes it’s a perfect term for a freelancer as he/she have to wholly and solely look after all the business process. Wearing many hats is not at all easy especially when it comes to wearing the marketing hat. Though all the other roles can be managed efficiently but marketing is one of the essential tasks which have to be performed tactfully and powerfully. If your marketing strategy goes wrong, it can have a negative impact on your business; hence as a freelancer you should be well aware of the marketing skills. Continue reading

Upgrade Your Digital Life

Upgrade-Your-Digital-LifeRemember the days when typewriters were used in offices? Apart from the irritating sound, typewriter had some other hitches too. The keys usually used to get stuck due to fast typing which resulted in poor efficiency. With respect to this issue, the keyboard was upgraded and the commonly typed keys were placed next to each other. However the up gradation did not much change the impact of the keyboard. It still remained the inefficient and time-consuming office instrument. In fact even the current computer keyboard is not so competent. Continue reading

Create a Perfect Pitch to Pitch Your Business High

You got an idea, and a perfect way to make it a reality, but it’s not the end of responsibilities, responsibilities start here, right from pitching your business and making it stand out in the market everything comes in business strategy. Now the question is where to find this business strategy, how to create a perfect pitch to push yourself up in the sky to catch the success in your business? Basic skills of business, people’s management, handling and management everything matters when it comes to business, but apart from this there are few things which can deliver you a perfect pitch to set up your business on a new high. Continue reading